About Us



Vitruvius is a collective student brand founded in 2015 by M. Pollio Education Group Inc., the holding company of Green Apple Art Center based in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Vitruvius is an embodiment of young designers’ bold creativity, authenticity, exploration, and distinctive self-identity.

Our educational entity, has been established in Vancouver since 2006, dedicated in providing art and design education for primary, secondary and high school students. We focus on teaching through interdisciplinary creative approach and experiential learning, as well as by providing opportunities to showcase their works on professional platforms. The ultimate goal is to help our students develop a brand new perspective to unleash their creativity, ignite the creative catalyst, and cultivate a future full of development potential with their independent thinking. Every child has the chance to influence the world, and it is only possible to nurture them by providing an open learning environment fused with opportunities for challenges and advancement. Vitruvius was born under such vision, bringing young designers to experience the process and thrill of fashion world.